Wheel Warrior

Effective removal of heavy grease and soil deposits on wheels and other automotive surfaces.


Water based alkaline cleaner / degreaser, low caustic formula that packs a punch!


Excellent water based degreaser for engines, lube bays, concrete floor, fixed and mobile plant.

Power Klene HD

High performer all around Cleaner/ Degreaser, from engines to wheels.

Black Magic

Specifically designed for removal of dirt and grime from all black rubber surfaces including tyres and engine bays.

Rig Wash

Bio-degradable, mildly alkaline GP Detergent designed to remove a wide range of soils.

Solv Kleen Plus

General purpose and ready to use solvent degreaser.

Body Solve

Perfect for removing wax, grease and tar.

Brake and Parts

Rapidly removes oil, grease and dust build up from brakes and clutch plates.

Acid Klene

Hydrofluoric Acid solution 1%.

Red Duster Acid

Perfect for removal of red dust from mining vehicles.